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ISDIN Nutratopic PRO-AMP Cleansing Bath Gel 400ml


ISDIN Nutratopic PRO-AMP Cleansing Bath Gel 400ml – Ideal for adjuvant use with cream and lotion helps to restore moisture to the skin.

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ISDIN Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Bath Gel is daily hygiene care for atopic skin and extremely dry areas, that can be used for the entire family. With a formula that contains 18% emollient oils, it deeply nourishes the skin and maintains a healthy pH, which is an important factor for the prevention of new eruptions. Its Pro-AMP (L-Isoleucine and Rhamnosoft) action helps to treat the skin from within, prevents bacterial adhesion, helping to prevent infection, and strengthens the skin’s defense system. It also reduces itching and redness, soothing the affected areas, and preventing further damage from scratching.

-Texture: gel;
-Skin issues: atopic skin;
-Time of application: mornings and/or evenings;
-Age: for the entire family;
-Skin type: dry and sensitive skin;
-Main benefits: hydrates, soothes, and cleans the skin;
-Formulated without: soap, colorants, and fragrance.
Main Ingredients
-18% Emollient oils that have an emollient action;
-L-Isoleucine and Rhamnosoft which prevent bacterial adhesion and infection and improves the symptoms of atopic skin;
-Shea butter nourishes the skin.
How to use
-Apply ISDIN Nutratopic Pro-AMP Emollient Bath Gel daily in a bath or shower. Rinse thoroughly with water.